white gold rings

Tomas Colomer 's white gold rings are designed to surprise. Wear a jewel with style and identity on your fingers, which will not leave anyone indifferent. Each white gold ring has its own style. It is for this reason that it is one of the most sought-after jewelry by future brides and grooms. A choice of cosmopolitan charm.

In our catalog you will find white gold rings for women in a matte or shiny finish, perfect for saying “I do” at a dream wedding and accompanying the bride and groom in their new daily life. Because our designs are so delicate and sophisticated, they will fit you like a second skin, forever. We have the perfect selection of white gold wedding rings for the most special couples.

white gold rings

At Tomas Colomer we create jewelry that brings style and identity, which draws everyone's attention with refined diamonds set of the best quality. Choose from an infinite number of white gold designs with exceptional shine. You will find white gold rings for women who love brilliant solitaires, or a half alliance all in the same ring. In addition to other styles with subtle touches of color that are easier to combine. Like, for example, the white gold ring made entirely of emeralds on a track with openings to accentuate the precious entry of light from the stones.

But among all the white gold rings by Tomas Colomer , an alliance designed to attract everyone's attention stands out. A ring with a different charm than traditional alliances, thanks to the prominence of its center of large diamonds placed as a bezel. Ideal for women who want to look at their fingers and remember endlessly the emotions they experienced on their big day.

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At Tomas Colomer we design white gold rings that are so versatile that they end up being perfect on any occasion. All of this, through an artisanal process carried out by our master jewelers in the workshop. Those who don't stop working daily to materialize your dreams into a ring . And who will be happy to advise you in this very difficult choice.

Come to our physical stores and together we will find the alliances that best represent you. As well as the engagement ring your partner dreams of. Remember, we are specialists in creating rings for women who know what they want. Look no further, make your dream come true!

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White gold shiny braided ring

Eternity seduces us all and can be represented in many ways, for example, in this eternity ring that wraps your finger, braiding the movement with diamonds. In total, it covers a weight of diamonds of 1.26k top quality wesselton g vs. All in 18k white gold. Also available in yellow gold.

Entire ring of sapphires and diamonds white gold

One of the world\'s favorite colors, it is captured by the acclaimed Sapphire stone thanks to its blue intensity. In creating an alliance we have combined this wonderful stone with the brilliance of diamonds to frame it better. In 18k white gold, we set sapphires with a total weight of 2.03k and diamonds of 0.43k of top quality wesselton g vs.

White gold sapphire and diamond flower garden ring

Three beautiful flowers look like a garden in one hand. With its five petals represented by sapphires and diamonds combined to give more luminosity. Beautiful representation that does not leave indifferent any woman who adores the beauty of a flower. If you like it in sapphires, you will surely also love the combination with rubies and rose gold. The weight in sapphires is 0.81 ct and in diamonds 0.83 ct top quality wesselton gvs.

Four-leaf clover ring in white gold and diamonds

Who doesn\'t like good luck, in this nice diamond ring we want to offer a nod to good luck. With arms full of balls the design of our ring is completed, discreet but original. The diamonds set add up to a weight of 0.09k with top Wesselton quality. Available in both white gold, rose gold, and all 18k yellow gold.

White gold sapphire and diamond double ring

Ring to combine the timelessness of the traditional diamond ring with the modern touch of its double open at the top of the finger combined with the radiant blue color of these sapphires. The pear cut of both sapphires, weighing 0.36k, stylizes this design, highlighting the hand that wears it. A pear-cut brilliant is also added to finish giving the piece that sensual and radiant appearance. The splendid top Wesselton diamonds have a total weight of 0.59k set in 18 carat white gold.

White gold baguette cut diamond ring

Designed for those who want a classic but with a different cut than the round brilliant, you have the possibility of opting for the elegant rectangular.Peso baguette. Weight of baguett diamond is 0.11k top quality wesselton, in 18k.Disponible white gold. Also available in gold yellow or pink 18k.

Entire baguette cut diamond ring

Spectacular ring with rail mounting of baguette cut diamonds, made with artisan hands from start to finish. It is a diamond cut that has generated its fieles.Peso Total weight of its baguette diamonds 2.49k, top quality wesselton vs1

Entire diamond ring o/b 18k


Well-made and handcrafted ring, as our pieces and clients deserve when it comes to symbolizing an important moment in our life journey. Staple setting with 27 stones with a total weight of 1.04k, top quality wesselton g vs1.

White gold aquamarine and diamond ring

People who love this stone that evokes the sea, we are talking about aquamarine, will be delighted with this design that we have created, where the protagonist has a baguette cut and is surrounded by diamonds as well as the hoop that sujeta.Disponible it. The complete set of earrings is available and necklace for those who cannot resistirse.Peso Weight of the aquamarine 0.85k and the 28 diamonds 0.50k, top quality wesselton g vs. 18k white gold.

White gold diamond curb chain ring

One of the favorite chains in the world of jewelry is the curb chain. The striking thing is that you can turn it into a ring of equal aesthetics filled with diamonds and with a certain flexibility between each link that is intertwined. Its weight of diamonds is 1.24k quality top wesselton g vs.Tambi Also available in yellow and rose gold.