The shape of the earrings , the color, the model or the composition can beautify a woman's face. Now, not all trends in earring designs feel the same on different female facial features. It is the same case as fashion design, referred to in patterns and fabrics. Which in the case of earrings, translates into shape and style.

Women's earrings

In our online earrings catalog you will find the perfect design for you. When choosing earrings you must take into account the physiognomy of the person who is going to wear them. Since your image will be affected and, if you do not know how to combine them, they will not look the way you want. For this reason, it is recommended that you visit our physical stores so that we can advise you personally.
For example, the earrings Long ones are ideal for round faces. This shape of slope creates an optical effect ideal for lengthening facial features. Short earrings can also be worn in this case, we just have to keep in mind that they are not round earrings . Now, if a woman's face is square or rectangular, it will have to be softened. And for this we will use round earrings .

Types of earrings

After choosing the shape, the material of the earrings is the next point to consider. At Tomas Colomer we have spectacular pieces. If we talk about absolute luxury, in our online jewelry you can find long earrings with a composition of 154 F color diamonds and a total weight of 5.06k. In addition, we have designs with very elegant cheerful floral motifs. An accessory culminated in a pearl that provides the perfect movement to sweeten the face of whoever wears it.
If you are a woman with simpler tastes, we have more affordable short earrings and long earrings for you. There is always a favorite color so that you look perfect on every occasion. Those of Sapphire, emeralds and rubies are stars in our online earrings catalog . Simple but with a color that you will fall in love with and that will make you dazzle.

Buy earrings online

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities. At Tomas Colomer we help you choose the best earring. Our jewelry was born in 1870, almost 150 years of experience guarantee us and, therefore, we will be able to choose the earring design that best suits you. Come to our stores and find what you are looking for. We hope to hear from you very soon!

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Silver panot flower earrings from Barcelona

Wearing a little piece of Barcelona in earrings is possible thanks to the well-known "panot" or flower of the city. Characteristic in many streets of the expansion of Barcelona and just with a short walk, every walker knows how to recognize it. Pressure closure. Made in sterling silver.

Sparkly snowflake earrings

Snowflakes always fascinate us for the shapes they take and we only capture them in these beautiful earrings that enhance the beauty of nature. Earrings with pressure closure (plug). Calvados diamond stones in 18k white gold. Stones weight:0.30k

Silver and baroque cultured pearl earrings

Fantastic baroque cultured pearls hanging from a gold plated sterling silver martele base. Its omega closures make the piece comfortable and easy to put on and take off, as well as fitting any type of woman since it covers and adapts perfectly to the oreja.Tenemos We have the matching ring in the collection.
Pearl and diamond earrings...
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Pearl and diamond earrings 18k white gold

IT IS known by all jewelers that pearls give light to the face of the person who wears them. For this reason, we choose each pair of perlas.Adem In addition, if the intention is to deviate from the classic you and me, we have this wonderful option of a short diamond strip and a hanging pearl with movement. Its closure is pressure, all in 18k white gold and 0.13k top quality Wesselton diamond weight. The pearl size is 9.7mm. Total length of the earring is 2.1cm.

Shiny white gold climber earrings

The grace of this set of earrings is that with just one ear hole it points out two points of light diamonds in it. Each piece is double and removable, therefore, you can wear only the sleeper if requiere.Adem It also has the option of three measurements integrated according to the needs of each oreja.Pero size. But it is better to see how it fits in a photo what a thousand words.The weight of diamonds is 0.42k top wesselton g vs.

White gold diamond hoop earrings

The magic of these earrings that look shiny in front and inside the hoop, make sparkles jump out with every movement of the owner. With a secure closure that is very easy to put on, absolute comfort is achieved. The total weight of diamonds is 1.08k in top Wesselton quality. Diameter 2.50cm

Rose gold hoop earrings with diamonds and pearls

Who said no to pearls? original, surprising, beautiful, between modern and classic...in short, they leave no one indifferent. With an ideal size, they circulate the earlobe, enhancing it and letting it breathe at the same time. Creole earrings in rose gold with a cascade of 64 1.20k diamonds and 10 pearls. Pressure Creole closure.