Wedding rings

Find the wedding rings that best fit your style. At Tomas Colomer we create personal wedding rings inspired by the dreams of the future bride and groom, so that their union is unique and different. Choose from different materials and finishes, from elegant sparkling white gold to classic charming diamonds. We even have pieces with minimalist and asymmetrical details for the most daring couples. Take a look at the different engagement ring options from Tomás Colomer and choose the ring that will accompany you throughout your life together.

Diamond wedding rings

In our online wedding ring catalog you will find all the designs you need to show off the most special wedding rings with your partner. Discover a selection of unique jewelry that will be part of your hands for the rest of the days. The essential accessory for fingers that speak for themselves. Fingers that say “I do”, linked more tightly than ever on the altar. Without a doubt, you will fall for the charm of diamond wedding rings . One of the most special pieces by Tomas Colomer . Spectacular princess diamond rings with a refined 4-claw setting, illuminated with the beauty of a precious stone. Like the light reflected in the rail that forms precious emeralds placed on the white gold wedding ring or an imposing diadem of brilliant cut diamonds. Pieces that are pure light and that have been created by our artisans to attract everyone's attention and awaken the deepest dreams of love. Just like a bride with her dress on her big day. The wedding rings that you will find at Tomás Colomer are unique and will make you shine with your own light on the happiest day of your lives. Discover in our online catalog all the options we have, from gold wedding rings to diamond alliances .  

Buy wedding rings

Our experience tells us that choosing wedding rings is not an easy decision that can be made in a day. You need to know your partner well and find a middle ground that balances both of your styles. And that is precisely the specialty of our jewelry advisors. We encourage you to visit our stores so that you can meet them and enjoy their experience as master jewelers to choose the perfect wedding rings for you. They will surely make this wedding ring purchasing process a beautiful journey that you will never want to end. We will love to share a good moment with you and for you to leave our jewelry store with the wedding rings that you have always dreamed of, protected in a beautiful little box. Waiting for the day to be opened in front of your loved ones, to do with a gesture what keeps your lives together: the promise of eternal love. Your wedding rings are waiting for you at Tomas Colomer! Ready to say a customized “yes I want”? Remember, your day starts today.

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Wide and smooth 18k yellow...
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Wide and smooth 18k yellow gold ring

When a person asks, I want a ring made only of gold, all smooth, wide and well designed, it occurs to us to present this jewel. On the outside it looks a certain bulge and on the inside decorated with an openwork of high jewelry just for the enjoyment of the wearer. It is made in any finger size all in 18k yellow gold.

18k white gold flat ring

Comfortable and discreet alliance in 18k white gold. Its design is flat with a bevel on the sides to give it a touch of design. Its width is 4.3 mm and in this case the measurement is men\'s number 21. It is available in different widths (starting at 2.5mm) and by course measures.