Men's bracelets

Men's bracelets are iconic pieces perfect to wear daily and on special occasions. At Tomas Colomer we think about all the details of the male physiognomy to make each men's bracelet a unique piece to wear on the arm. And thus add a touch of style to your wrist that combines perfectly with another accessory, such as a ring or an impressive watch.

Whether you are a simple man , you feel more comfortable wearing a single bracelet or you enjoy making a difference with different pieces, in our catalog you will find what you are looking for. We have men's bracelets adapted to all tastes and styles. Because each design tells a story about who wears it. What will yours say about you?

Men's gold or rubber bracelets

Luxury and savoir-faire are the main characteristics of men's bracelets 18K rose gold , steel or rubber with diamonds. Bold men's bracelets with distinctive details and finishes as unique as you. Because our pieces are only suitable for men willing to make a difference. That they know how to enjoy both life and the details of the men's bracelets that we have designed for them. A selection of pieces created with materials that fit all personalities and ages.

If you are a lover of the classics, then bangles are the men's bracelets that best suit you. In addition to having a design that is a true must-have in a total look, you can engrave the name of the person you love the most and need to always carry with you. On the other hand, men's bracelets with leather straps, skin or with different beads, stand out for their great versatility. Because they fit like a glove both in a casual look and on special occasions where making a difference goes with the dress code .

Buy men's bracelets

Buying a men's bracelet can be a life-changing gift. Often, they do not expect these types of gifts. And, without a doubt, they will feel very attractive with them on their arm. Help him be different with that bracelet that he always looks at in the shop windows, but that he has never bought for fear of not knowing how to combine.

Now, if you need help with your own choice, come to our physical store and we will be happy to advise you. We will test what shape adheres to your wrist and what materials best match your skin tone and the rhythm of your daily life. So you can purchase an all-terrain men's bracelet that suits you in all circumstances. Regardless of the place, or the time of day. Look no further, we have the perfect design for you!

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Rigid trevol shiny and rose gold bracelet

Minivalista slave that makes the symbol of luck, the clover, shine thanks to the diamonds that give it its shape. Its rounded finish is completed by the original arms full of gold balls that give this simple and sweet character to the wrist that wears it. The weight of the diamonds is 0.20k top quality Wesselton, on 18k rose gold. The set is completed with the same ring design.

Yellow gold macramé bright strip bracelet

Casual and wearable bracelets 24 hours a day, with diamonds weighing 0.26k top wesselton g. The macramé, with which you can even take a shower, is black with the final balls of 18k yellow gold. The collection is completed with its version in white gold, rose gold or black diamonds.

Panot flower bracelet Barcelona silver macramé

We continue the collection and offer the black macramé bracelet of one of the symbols of our city, the flower of Barcelona or also called "panot". Its shape adapts exactly to the tile of the streets where we see it, it is cuadrada.Hecho Made of sterling silver. Adaptable to any wrist size.

White gold diamond riviere

Riviere of brilliant-cut diamonds with stones set in four staples and a completely flexible setting. The total weight of the diamonds is 3.20k top wesselton g vs.Oro 18k white gold and box closure with double 8 added insurance.