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Tomas Colomer 's pens and pens can become another collector's jewel , to use or simply observe on our work table. There is no doubt that every stroke made with a pen or feather Montblanc has an unmistakable style. It is a seal of quality and distinction, made from materials combined with black resin or gold nib, ideal for marking your personal mark on each piece of writing. Because the pleasure of writing by hand is even greater when it is done with pens as exclusive as the ones we offer in our catalog. A luxury in your hands!


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Montblanc Fountain Pen Homage Moctezuma Ed.Lim

Montezuma acceded to the throne of the Great Aztec Empire in 1440, a state with great cultural and mythological wealth. It is inspired by the most common tones of his art, petrol blue and carmine red, on which an Aztec spear shooter characterized by its long range stands out. Limited edition of 4810 piezas.Plum Handmade 18k gold nib.