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Gold bracelets have beautified our wrists throughout human history. While it may seem like they were a symbol of power or ostentation, gold bracelets were always much more than a fashion statement. Gold bracelets can boast of having many special meanings for those who wear them in different civilizations. And, above all, to continue being the perfect complement for women who are clear about what they want.

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One of the most special options in the online catalog of women's bracelets are the parts in 18K yellow gold with rubies and double diamond ring. As well as the beautiful gold bracelets with black diamonds that characterize Tomas Colomer so much . These are jewelry with fine and sophisticated designs, which provide an air of distinction to the wearer. Projecting a magical touch of light on the skin. Like the contrast of the blue or red color of the precious stones that crown some of our gold bracelet designs. most original pink .

Now, if you are looking for an extreme but elegant design, you should go to one of our physical stores to see what an impressive diamond bangle with a double arch and white gold looks like on your arm. It is a classic women's bracelet design with a history that dates back to the times of the Roman Empire and that, as its name indicates, served to identify the person with another person to whom they were linked.

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Luckily, today these types of women's bracelets reflect eternal love for the other person. And the shape of the piece has evolved to the point of finding beautiful bangles with quartz or diamond details. Offering us a fine and distinguished piece that flatters any daily look , so you can always carry it with you. The same goes for the articulated white gold bangle with stones and diamonds.

In addition to being very practical thanks to its shape, which adapts perfectly to the movements of your wrist, you can create a beautiful combination with other gold bracelets. Like, for example, an 18K rose gold bracelet with a wide chain and black diamonds. Which can be used as a daily bracelet as it is a beautiful piece, as well as consistent.

Sapphires, rubies, diamonds... the imagination of our master jewelers has no limits when we talk about women's gold bracelets . Remember that you have the telephone number of our physical store at your disposal so that, if you have any questions when buying gold bracelets online, our experts can help you. Hope to see you very soon!

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Rigid trevol shiny and rose gold bracelet

Minivalista slave that makes the symbol of luck, the clover, shine thanks to the diamonds that give it its shape. Its rounded finish is completed by the original arms full of gold balls that give this simple and sweet character to the wrist that wears it. The weight of the diamonds is 0.20k top quality Wesselton, on 18k rose gold. The set is completed with the same ring design.

Hydrothermal rose gold bracelet with diamonds


Beautiful piece for lovers of visually delicate but designer jewelry. This beautiful diamond bracelet on the sides has a pastel pink hydrothermal gem in the center. It comes finished with a double chain on each side and a secure lobster clasp n.Adem The set of earrings, chain and ring is also available to add to the collection, as well as in two other colors (green and blue).

Riviere emeralds white gold

Elegant whole riviere of 83 1.33k emeralds set in staples and a safe box closure. Bracelet to dress naked dolls or to be accompanied by their counterparts made of rubies, sapphires or diamonds.Stones: EmeraldsNumber of emeralds: 83 Stone weight: 1.33k

Riviere ruby white gold

Elegant whole riviere of 83 rubies 1.74k set in staples and safe box closure. Bracelet to dress naked dolls or to be accompanied by its counterparts made of sapphires, emeralds or diamonds.