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If you give him a ring With a single diamond solitaire you show your partner true love. Choose the piece that best represents you and place this valuable creation on your ring finger to reaffirm your promise of loyalty. The diamond solitaire ring It is the symbol par excellence of fidelity and sincere commitment. And at Tomas Colomer , we have the perfect design for her.

The solitaire ring , in addition to being a beautiful jewel to wear on all occasions, is the most anticipated gift for future brides for many reasons. Firstly, for the purity of its materials. Secondly, for the discretion and finesse of its forms. And thirdly, for the desired brilliant jewel that is kept in its center. Because as Marilyn Monroe said, “a woman's best friend is a diamond.” So what are you waiting for to tell her you love her with a diamond solitaire ring 18 karat white gold?

Women's solitaire rings with diamond

The circle of solitary rings is identified with the most primary and essential way of representing the future union. By giving a single diamond engagement ring to your partner, you are showing them that your love has no end. And what is so pure and sincere that it can be reflected in this magical piece with a brilliant setting that will now proudly appear on your finger.

The solitary ring will be the space where all your past, present and future flow to unite again at its center. Your eternal bond. The center of gravity that attracts each other in the face of any obstacle and ups and downs. The perfect happy ending for a unique and special proposal. The reflection of a tradition that survives fashions and trends. The tangible demonstration that eternal love has no limits in space or time.

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Let yourself go and fall in love with our catalog of solitaire rings with unique and special designs. Start dreaming about your future together by observing the shapes of brilliant cut diamonds. Gather the strength to show him his solitaire ring and prepare to hear, for the first time, the two words that will change your life: “I do!”

If you need personalized attention or are thinking about adapting the design to your wishes, do not hesitate. Come to our physical stores and turn this jewel into the most important gift of your life with the help of our advisors. Choose today the most used traditional engagement ring for the long-awaited proposal, which never gets a no for an answer.

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White gold baguette cut diamond ring

Designed for those who want a classic but with a different cut than the round brilliant, you have the possibility of opting for the elegant rectangular.Peso baguette. Weight of baguett diamond is 0.11k top quality wesselton, in 18k.Disponible white gold. Also available in gold yellow or pink 18k.

central and side shiny ring o/pink

A solitaire for having the largest stone in the center, but also accompanied by its faithful side diamonds that make it more festive and cheerful. Mounted all in staples, the total weight of its brilliant cut diamonds is 0.14k, with top quality Wesselton g vs.

Rosette ring accompanied by baguettes o/b

The idea comes from the classic rosette, which is made up of a central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds all set on solid staples. And in this version it is accompanied with more baguette-cut diamonds that cover half a ring. Its final aesthetic does not leave you indifferent due to its originality and brilliance of shapes. The total weight of diamonds is 1.01k top quality wesselton g vs.

High stud diamond ring white gold

Elegant way to express love in this ring where the center combines four diamonds set invisibly in such a way that it looks like a single round one. Its high studs enhance it from the accompanying hoop, which is blued with diamonds up to half on each side. In 18 carat gold we find a total weight of diamonds of 0.80k in top Wesselton quality.

Flower diamond ring with o/b sides

Romantic ring with a central diamond gathered in a setting that simulates a tulip and decorated with side diamonds. An original design that tries to escape the minimalism of the staples, subtly adding something more to the montura.Diamante The central diamond weighs 0.35k and the sides weigh 0.14k. Top quality wesselton gvs.