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Brilliant white gold Enetera ring

We continue to love and recommend our classic and well-made wedding rings with a setting that sets each brilliant with four strong flat-tipped staples. In 18k white gold this wedding ring has a total diamond weight of 1.33k top quality wesselton vs.

Half alliance of orange and brilliant sapphires

Few know that sapphires are also born orange and that is why they can be as attractive as the well-known blue ones. With a modernity and boldness, they look striking on a hand accustomed to special pieces. A simple half alliance that becomes a different, dynamic and alegre.Los ring. The 1.12k weight sapphires are sandwiched between 0.19k top wesselton gvs diamonds. Everything nailed in rose gold with staples finished in black ruthenium.

White gold shiny braided ring

Eternity seduces us all and can be represented in many ways, for example, in this eternity ring that wraps your finger, braiding the movement with diamonds. In total, it covers a weight of diamonds of 1.26k top quality wesselton g vs. All in 18k white gold. Also available in yellow gold.

Bright yellow gold braided ring


Eternity seduces us all and can be represented in many ways, for example, in this eternity ring that wraps your finger, braiding the movement with diamonds. On this occasion, it is made entirely of 18k yellow gold. In total, it weighs 1.26k top quality diamonds from Wesselton G vs. Also available in white gold.

Entire 18k rose gold diamond ring

We are enthusiastic about classic and well-made diamond wedding rings. We describe it as classic because of its setting that sets each of the diamonds with four staples. The originality is subtly translated into that flat tip staple. Its all diamond weight is 1k.

Entire ring of sapphires and diamonds white gold

One of the world\'s favorite colors, it is captured by the acclaimed Sapphire stone thanks to its blue intensity. In creating an alliance we have combined this wonderful stone with the brilliance of diamonds to frame it better. In 18k white gold, we set sapphires with a total weight of 2.03k and diamonds of 0.43k of top quality wesselton g vs.

Entire baguette cut diamond ring

Spectacular ring with rail mounting of baguette cut diamonds, made with artisan hands from start to finish. It is a diamond cut that has generated its fieles.Peso Total weight of its baguette diamonds 2.49k, top quality wesselton vs1

Entire diamond ring o/b 18k


Well-made and handcrafted ring, as our pieces and clients deserve when it comes to symbolizing an important moment in our life journey. Staple setting with 27 stones with a total weight of 1.04k, top quality wesselton g vs1.

Half ring diamonds baguettes white gold

Few combinations take advantage of the beauty of the baguette cut in their diamond wedding rings. This rectangular cut comes set in a line and separated in groups of three by brilliant cut diamonds. Original and very elegant alliance that dresses the hand of the owner who wears it. Its weight in rhinestones adds up to 0.76k of top Wesselton quality.

Half ring diamond brown rose gold

Classic half diamond wedding band but original as they are brown. The staple frame is decorated on its tips in all brown to highlight the color. Combinable jewel to wear with other half rings or to wear alone. 9 brilliant cut diamonds with a total weight of 1.09k.