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Tomas Colomer men 's rings are a true declaration of intentions. You can choose from a catalog of men's rings where all shapes and finishes are possible. Because each model defines you. If you are a daring man or with a lot of personality, your perfect men's ring is waiting for you. Rules are meant to be broken. Dare to innovate. What are you waiting for to be different?

What are men's rings like?

The men's rings that we can usually see on the little finger are small pieces, which are usually shaped like a seal. On the other hand, the rest of the men's rings should be ideal jewelry for those who want to wear a showy piece of jewelry, but without being too ornate or focusing too much attention. As for the materials of the pieces, at Tomas Colomer we work especially with men's rings in 18K rose gold and white gold with diamonds.

In our selection available in the men's rings catalog you can find specific designs for lovers of discretion. Like the white gold ring with carbon strip, also available in rose gold. Or the elegant entire black diamond wedding ring, perfect for both him and her. This specific design can be combined with other types of men's rings that add a touch of distinction to our look . Because if it's about making a difference, we also offer you a white gold wedding ring with diamonds and a double carbon strip only suitable for men willing to create a trend on their wedding day.

Buy men's rings

We also have classic and timeless men's rings custom created by our master jewelers, from the Tomas Colomer workshop. Mainly, we use diamonds because they have the particularity of reflecting light, in addition to being highly resistant and precious. And just like they say they are women's best friend, don't be fooled. They are also of man .

If you don't know which style of men's ring suits you best, come to our physical stores and we will advise you. We are here to help you make the best choice. You will surely find the perfect size so that the ring becomes part of you and can accompany you on all the adventures that are yet to come. What are you waiting for to visit us? We can create your custom men's ring design. Do not wait more!

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Barça seal silver enamel

Many travelers visit us with the pretext of seeing the Barça soccer team, and many fans ask to wear a signet ring with their team\'s shield. This ring also incorporates Blaugrana colors in enamel. Sterling silver.

Barça silver stamp

Many travelers visit us with the pretext of seeing the Barça soccer team, and many fans ask to wear a signet ring with their team\'s shield engraved like este.Todo All in sterling silver.

Gold and diamond Barcelona flower tile ring

We offer to have a little piece of Barcelona in this designed ring of the city\'s well-known "panot". Characteristic in many streets of the expansion of Barcelona with a short walk, every walker knows how reconocer.Hecho it. Made in 18k gold with 9 top quality wesellton diamonds in the center of each flower.