Men's earrings

Men's earrings can be the perfect balance between the personality and style of the wearer. It is for this reason that they should be chosen safely. And, above all, ask for advice if we are not clear about the choice. We have designs of men's earrings for all tastes. From the one who seeks to be the center of attention with a rebellious touch, to the most sophisticated and elegant man you can meet.

At Tomas Colomer you will find a selection of men's earrings designed to combine with looks that never fail. Casual but at the same time formal and perfect to combine with a tie, a handkerchief or a detail on the lapel and pocket of the jacket. You just have to be yourself with the men's earrings you choose. The earrings will speak for you, only you decide what they should say.

How to combine men's earrings

Each skin tone or haircut is more suitable for a type of men's earrings . Not everything is worth making a difference. We must always do it with style and elegance. For example, if you have light skin, gold or silver earrings are the most suitable. On the other hand, rose gold can highlight the pink tone of your skin. Now, if you have a dark complexion, yellow tones or white gold are made for you.

On the other hand, the type of face also influences the choice of men's earrings . If you have long or square features, it is better to opt for rounded earrings. We recommend the black diamond earrings from our catalogue, with only four white gold clips so that the diamond is the only protagonist. Discreet and not very showy, but at the same time without giving up anything. On the other hand, if you have a rather round face, choose straight men's earrings without a curve. Like our square pieces with black and white diamonds. Or the sapphire sleeper earring, with a touch of blue ideal for illuminating the face.

Buy men's earrings

You can wear more than one earring in your ear. In that case, we advise you to visit our physical store. We will advise you so that you can wear the combination that best suits you and your features. Together we will give an extra touch of distinction to your ears, which are crying out to express themselves with men's earrings tailored for them. What are you waiting for to visit us? We know what you need and we want to help you. You set the style and we will do the rest. Come meet our professional jewelers!

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Black diamond earrings

Black diamond lovers have the desired earring, with only 4 white gold clips, the diamond is the only protagonist. Discreet earring for those who want a less showy piece without giving up a large earring.