Gold medals

Gold medals have many meanings to the wearer. Generally, this pendant is characterized by being a piece with a face, an image or an engraved inscription. So it usually has a rather religious connotation. In the case of the Tomas Colomer catalogue , all the designs of gold medals with engraving are inspired by popular finishes, and are ideal for believers who want to always carry Christ or the Virgin with them hanging around their neck.

Types of gold medals

Often, gold medals are linked to miraculous episodes. So if you also wear a blessed gold medal , this piece will become a highly valuable object of faith. Which makes it a perfect gift to show your affection and love for that person you want to always be protected. We have designs with the face of Christ and the Virgin, as well as 18K gold medals with the virgin enamelled in bright colors. A beautiful drawing work, the result of the professionalism of our master jewelers and their delicate way of working.

But if you are looking for a classic gold medal , with the sacred heart scapular or the virgin with the child engraved, we have a perfect jewel for you. In our catalog you will find a unique piece, with both designs, one on each side. Both nuanced with a careful polished round bezel. Or a gold medal with an adorable little angel in relief. Perfect to give as a gift to the little ones, since in our workshop we have created this design in different sizes. Additionally, we offer you the option to engrave a unique message on the back, so only the wearer knows how special it is to you, always. And if you want to opt for a more original style, you also have a rectangular gold medal with the sacred heart engraved.

Buy gold medals

At Tomas Colomer we put at your disposal a team of unique jewelers who will be in charge of adapting your gold medal design to your dreams and desires. If you come to our stores, we can adapt any model to the material and pendant you need. Because we are here to advise you and ensure that you leave with the most beautiful gift in your hands. Both in our physical store and in our online store. What are you waiting for to get one?

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