Bridal earrings

Do you like bridal earrings with special designs? If the answer is yes, look no further, because you are in the right online catalog of bridal earrings . At Tomas Colomer you will find unique models that you will surely love. Above all, you must be true to your personal style to feel comfortable at all times. Since bridal earrings can become an essential part of your future outfits at special events.

Earrings for brides according to types of necklines

To choose the perfect bridal earrings for you, you must take into account the neckline of your dress. Since its shape will determine the style of the rest of the accessories. Because the finish of the neck of the dress you choose also affects your silhouette. But knowing how to choose bridal earrings according to the neckline is very simple. The sweetheart neckline and the bateau neckline are usually, along with the strapless, the most chosen for the big day.

At Tomas Colomer you find different long bridal earrings with diamond strips and white pearls. An elegant design for brides that balances and softens the face of the wearer. Ideal to contrast with this type of necklines that clear the shoulder area with its beautiful cut just above the chest.

On the other hand, if you opt for a pronounced v-neck or dresses with a high turned neck or a swan neck, you can choose a beautiful design of thinner and more discreet button bridal earrings . For example, with a flat diamond rosette. So that you continue to be the protagonist, at all times. Or the classic “You and I” bridal earrings with the beautiful pearlescent pearl or in rose gold with diamonds.

And for the daring ones who show off an asymmetrical neckline, we recommend some of our designs of round bridal earrings . Like the hypnotic white gold and diamond creoles. In this case, the secret to success is in the details. The diamonds gain prominence due to the shape of the setting and their play of light will make you shine from any angle.

Buy bridal earrings online

If you want to include some special detail in your bridal earrings , come to our physical stores and ask about the possibilities that our jewelry workshop offers you. We hope you enjoy imagining how the earrings will look combined with your beautiful dress. And above all, choose the bridal earrings that will make you happiest on your big day.

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Pearl and diamond earrings...
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Pearl and diamond earrings 18k white gold

IT IS known by all jewelers that pearls give light to the face of the person who wears them. For this reason, we choose each pair of perlas.Adem In addition, if the intention is to deviate from the classic you and me, we have this wonderful option of a short diamond strip and a hanging pearl with movement. Its closure is pressure, all in 18k white gold and 0.13k top quality Wesselton diamond weight. The pearl size is 9.7mm. Total length of the earring is 2.1cm.

Shiny white gold climber earrings

The grace of this set of earrings is that with just one ear hole it points out two points of light diamonds in it. Each piece is double and removable, therefore, you can wear only the sleeper if requiere.Adem It also has the option of three measurements integrated according to the needs of each oreja.Pero size. But it is better to see how it fits in a photo what a thousand words.The weight of diamonds is 0.42k top wesselton g vs.

White gold diamond hoop earrings

The magic of these earrings that look shiny in front and inside the hoop, make sparkles jump out with every movement of the owner. With a secure closure that is very easy to put on, absolute comfort is achieved. The total weight of diamonds is 1.08k in top Wesselton quality. Diameter 2.50cm

Rose gold hoop earrings with diamonds and pearls

Who said no to pearls? original, surprising, beautiful, between modern and short, they leave no one indifferent. With an ideal size, they circulate the earlobe, enhancing it and letting it breathe at the same time. Creole earrings in rose gold with a cascade of 64 1.20k diamonds and 10 pearls. Pressure Creole closure.

Round_bright o/white sleepers

Ideal for those who usually change earrings. The same jewel has two possibilities, the center is dismantled making a more discreet earring or adding the ring around it, making the piece more complete. The 2 central brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.26k and the lateral brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.15k. Quality: Top Wesselton G VS1

White gold and diamond rosette earrings

Rosette of 38 diamonds with openings, brilliant cut with a total weight of 2.41k, spectacular set of brilliance for those who like jewelry and a large earring, since the piece gives off a lot of attention. Diamond cut: brilliantTotal diamond weight: 2.41kNumero of diamonds: 38 2.41 Color: G Purity: VS1