The beauty of wearing rings on one hand is incomparable. Whether as a trend or as a symbol of eternal love, rings beautify the fingers of anyone who wears them. At Tomas Colomer we work so that you can buy rings online of all styles with unique and different finishes. In our online store you will find a wide catalog of rings that you can see and feel in our physical store. Where, without a doubt, we will find the most suitable ring for you. The perfect jewel to accompany you on every occasion, without giving up anything.

Buy rings online

At Tomas Colomer we are clear about it. If you have decided to take the step of asking your partner to marry you, we will advise you to find the perfect engagement ring for him or her. Our ring design experts have many years of experience in the fashion industry. So they will find the perfect piece for you in case you have doubts about what your ring should be like or even, if you need to buy a special ring , they will create your own design in our workshop.


First of all, you must be clear about the material you want and the use that you are going to give to the piece. A ring is an accessory that defines the most personal style, that is in tune with the mood of the wearer and that becomes part of you. Next, think carefully about what you are looking for. Would you like to buy large, small, simple, extreme rings online ? Remember that there are pieces that are only worn on special occasions and others that you cannot part with in your daily life. In Tomas Colomer you will find them all.

Rings for all tastes

The design of the ring speaks of our attitude. Because a ring is a reflection of the soul. There are pure and simple creations to complement a sober and elegant look or extreme ones that can be combined with each other. There is no doubt that when we wear this type of finishes and materials, we feel powerful and we want to show off the accessory strongly. Now, we can also find discreet and elegant rings that allow us to make more intimate and personal use of the piece.


We know it is a difficult decision. Everyone has a part of you. So if you prefer, you can come see us in our physical store and we will advise you in person to get what you want. We are completely at your disposal if you have any questions when buying rings online . And if you wish, we can wrap the piece when you place your order. You choose!

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Gold and diamond Barcelona flower tile ring

We offer to have a little piece of Barcelona in this designed ring of the city\'s well-known "panot". Characteristic in many streets of the expansion of Barcelona with a short walk, every walker knows how reconocer.Hecho it. Made in 18k gold with 9 top quality wesellton diamonds in the center of each flower.

Half ring diamonds baguettes white gold

Few combinations take advantage of the beauty of the baguette cut in their diamond wedding rings. This rectangular cut comes set in a line and separated in groups of three by brilliant cut diamonds. Original and very elegant alliance that dresses the hand of the owner who wears it. Its weight in rhinestones adds up to 0.76k of top Wesselton quality.

Brilliant amethyst enamel ring

Enamelling has been used for centuries to decorate various jewelry. This historical technique consists of melting the glass on the metal layer. In the design of this ring you can see how wonderful miniature works of art are created. Lilac stone: Amethyst with a weight of 10.02 K. Diamonds weight: 0.16 K Top Wesselton Quality.

White gold sapphire and diamond flower garden ring

Three beautiful flowers look like a garden in one hand. With its five petals represented by sapphires and diamonds combined to give more luminosity. Beautiful representation that does not leave indifferent any woman who adores the beauty of a flower. If you like it in sapphires, you will surely also love the combination with rubies and rose gold. The weight in sapphires is 0.81 ct and in diamonds 0.83 ct top quality wesselton gvs.

Four-leaf clover ring in white gold and diamonds

Who doesn\'t like good luck, in this nice diamond ring we want to offer a nod to good luck. With arms full of balls the design of our ring is completed, discreet but original. The diamonds set add up to a weight of 0.09k with top Wesselton quality. Available in both white gold, rose gold, and all 18k yellow gold.

White gold sapphire and diamond double ring

Ring to combine the timelessness of the traditional diamond ring with the modern touch of its double open at the top of the finger combined with the radiant blue color of these sapphires. The pear cut of both sapphires, weighing 0.36k, stylizes this design, highlighting the hand that wears it. A pear-cut brilliant is also added to finish giving the piece that sensual and radiant appearance. The splendid top Wesselton diamonds have a total weight of 0.59k set in 18 carat white gold.

Entire baguette cut diamond ring

Spectacular ring with rail mounting of baguette cut diamonds, made with artisan hands from start to finish. It is a diamond cut that has generated its fieles.Peso Total weight of its baguette diamonds 2.49k, top quality wesselton vs1

Entire diamond ring o/b 18k


Well-made and handcrafted ring, as our pieces and clients deserve when it comes to symbolizing an important moment in our life journey. Staple setting with 27 stones with a total weight of 1.04k, top quality wesselton g vs1.