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We want to help you find the perfect engagement ring to declare your love. There are as many different engagement rings as there are styles of couples. Tell her how much you love her with a unique piece that she will keep forever. A beautiful engagement ring in white gold or with brilliant settings that will make your dreams come true. Proposing is one of the most special moments in a relationship, which you will both remember for a lifetime, so it is important to choose the perfect engagement ring to commemorate such a unique occasion. At Tomás Colomer we have the most elegant, special and unique engagement rings that will make the “I do” even more brilliant and memorable. Choose her perfect ring and show her that this just started with a beautiful diamond

Gold and diamond engagement rings

Look into her eyes and place the gold engagement ring on her ring finger, where the vena amoris passes, which connects directly to the heart, and prepare to hear the two words that will change your lives forever. This engagement ring will represent the time you have spent together. Your past, present and future. Which now go hand in hand represented in a unique piece with precious stones. Create a perfect moment that you will remember for the rest of your days. And show him that he is going to make the best decision of his life. Join our list of happy engaged Tomas Colomer and find your perfect engagement ring in our extensive online catalog. From precious rubies to exclusive rose gold diamonds. But there is a classic that never fails. We are talking about solitaires with a diamond in the center: the engagement ring par excellence. Now, we also have more complete, vital and colorful diamond creations, ideal for the most special brides-to-be, used to attracting everyone's attention with their beautiful and spontaneous smile.

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Our artisans will create the engagement ring design that best identifies your relationship. We can even create spiral engagement rings, which will represent the adventure that your union has been until today. Because an engagement ring is much more than a declaration of love. It is the most sincere promise you can make to your partner. An engagement ring is a piece to be worn daily that keeps in the center of its shape what makes you unique and different. If you have questions about the style that best suits your partner, do not hesitate to come to our physical store. Tomas Colomer 's jewelry advisors are specialists in making your dreams come true and will help you choose the women's engagement ring that will strengthen this long-awaited promise forever. Because your day is even closer. And making your partner happy costs very little. What are you waiting for to declare your eternal love?

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Brilliant white gold...
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Brilliant white gold Enetera ring

We continue to love and recommend our classic and well-made wedding rings with a setting that sets each brilliant with four strong flat-tipped staples. In 18k white gold this wedding ring has a total diamond weight of 1.33k top quality wesselton vs.

Rose gold diamond heart ring


Even a pure heart of perfect white diamonds can be enhanced and framed within oscuro.Peso colored brilliants. Weight of white brilliants is 0.32k top quality wesselton g vs and brown brilliants 0.15k. 18k rose gold.

White gold shiny braided ring

Eternity seduces us all and can be represented in many ways, for example, in this eternity ring that wraps your finger, braiding the movement with diamonds. In total, it covers a weight of diamonds of 1.26k top quality wesselton g vs. All in 18k white gold. Also available in yellow gold.

Bright yellow gold braided ring


Eternity seduces us all and can be represented in many ways, for example, in this eternity ring that wraps your finger, braiding the movement with diamonds. On this occasion, it is made entirely of 18k yellow gold. In total, it weighs 1.26k top quality diamonds from Wesselton G vs. Also available in white gold.

Entire 18k rose gold diamond ring

We are enthusiastic about classic and well-made diamond wedding rings. We describe it as classic because of its setting that sets each of the diamonds with four staples. The originality is subtly translated into that flat tip staple. Its all diamond weight is 1k.

Entire ring of sapphires and diamonds white gold

One of the world\'s favorite colors, it is captured by the acclaimed Sapphire stone thanks to its blue intensity. In creating an alliance we have combined this wonderful stone with the brilliance of diamonds to frame it better. In 18k white gold, we set sapphires with a total weight of 2.03k and diamonds of 0.43k of top quality wesselton g vs.

White gold baguette cut diamond ring

Designed for those who want a classic but with a different cut than the round brilliant, you have the possibility of opting for the elegant rectangular.Peso baguette. Weight of baguett diamond is 0.11k top quality wesselton, in 18k.Disponible white gold. Also available in gold yellow or pink 18k.

central and side shiny ring o/pink

A solitaire for having the largest stone in the center, but also accompanied by its faithful side diamonds that make it more festive and cheerful. Mounted all in staples, the total weight of its brilliant cut diamonds is 0.14k, with top quality Wesselton g vs.

Flower rosette ring with sapphire and diamonds

Rose window that, without breaking away from the classic, presents itself with a shape reminiscent of a flower. Special piece to wear on any occasion and that dresses a delicate and tasteful hand. The weight of the sapphire chosen among others especially for its intense blue color is 0.23k and the diamonds in total are 0.70k in top wesselton gvs quality.

Rosette ring accompanied by baguettes o/b

The idea comes from the classic rosette, which is made up of a central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds all set on solid staples. And in this version it is accompanied with more baguette-cut diamonds that cover half a ring. Its final aesthetic does not leave you indifferent due to its originality and brilliance of shapes. The total weight of diamonds is 1.01k top quality wesselton g vs.

Rose gold ring with diamond heart.

Romantic collection of rings with hearts in which we take into account their symbolic meaning. The heart expresses affection, affection and Love in the full breadth of its word. Both the half ring and the center of the ring contain diamonds set in 18k rose gold, the stones have a total weight of 0.64k top quality wesselton.Adem It also has the originality of being a ring with some flexibility, it is not rigid and stretches slightly , very comfortable to wear. It is also available with rubies and sapphires.