Bracelets greatly influence your look , their color, their shape, their material... all of this can characterize your personality and show the outside world who you really are . The design of the bracelet can define your essence perfectly. Think about who you are and what style suits you best. Remember, bracelets can become an eternal jewel that will give elegance and style to your hand or the fetish piece of your outfits .

Bracelet models

First of all, you must keep in mind that the bracelet model must fit well on your wrist. Therefore, at Tomas Colomer we can advise you to find the appropriate diameter. Likewise, the material is another very important point when buying bracelets online in our store. Therefore, before looking at the catalog, you should know a little about the styles of bracelets that exist. You have at your disposal everything from rivieres with diamonds or fine stones or bangles with diamonds and gold or silver, to stones with very extreme finishes and bracelets with chains made of noble materials.

In our online bracelet catalog you can also find a slave bracelet set with 466 diamonds, exquisitely placed to create a solid and agile piece reminiscent of floral motifs. This is a unique bracelet model for those who value a jewel well crafted by our artisans. Without a doubt, the perfect accessory for urban women who love sober looks , in which the accessory of irregular shapes is the detail that makes the difference.

If, on the other hand, you have simpler tastes, we suggest our collection of Karma bracelets . These are bracelet models with stones in various colors, vital bracelets with the strength of the stones that always give an elegant but informal touch to our wrists. In addition, some of the bracelets have been created especially so that you can show off your summer looks and others to give a different touch to your winter ones.

Buy bracelets

At Tomas Colomer you will be able to buy bracelets for the most demanding audiences. We are talking about jewelry that marks style, elegance and is eternal. Pieces for those who know, as soon as they walk through the door, that they want luxury, quality and a special bracelet design.
We have various materials that you can find both in our online store and in our physical store. Come and meet us. Our advisors will be happy to advise you and help you buy bracelets that suit you and the use of the piece you want to give it.

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Holy Family silver bracelet

Especially valued by lovers of charm bracelets, where they collect their memories, trips and experiences. So there\'s nothing better than starting your bracelet with the first Holy Family pendant and continuing to fill it...or not. Made with good details, all in sterling silver and a secure lobster clasp.

Hydrothermal rose gold bracelet with diamonds


Beautiful piece for lovers of visually delicate but designer jewelry. This beautiful diamond bracelet on the sides has a pastel pink hydrothermal gem in the center. It comes finished with a double chain on each side and a secure lobster clasp n.Adem The set of earrings, chain and ring is also available to add to the collection, as well as in two other colors (green and blue).

Riviere ruby white gold

Elegant whole riviere of 83 rubies 1.74k set in staples and safe box closure. Bracelet to dress naked dolls or to be accompanied by its counterparts made of sapphires, emeralds or diamonds.

Riviere emeralds white gold

Elegant whole riviere of 83 1.33k emeralds set in staples and a safe box closure. Bracelet to dress naked dolls or to be accompanied by their counterparts made of rubies, sapphires or diamonds.Stones: EmeraldsNumber of emeralds: 83 Stone weight: 1.33k

Rigid trevol shiny and rose gold bracelet

Minivalista slave that makes the symbol of luck, the clover, shine thanks to the diamonds that give it its shape. Its rounded finish is completed by the original arms full of gold balls that give this simple and sweet character to the wrist that wears it. The weight of the diamonds is 0.20k top quality Wesselton, on 18k rose gold. The set is completed with the same ring design.